"Magically Transform  your Community through Christ!"

More than Meets the “I”

Davidson weaves magical illustrations into another exciting and promising message.

This super-clear presentation explains why seeing is not believing, believing is seeing God’s plan for your life and the need to divert our eyes from “I” to “I Am” and exactly where God’s sights are set for you.

“Brand New You”
You hold the key to unlocking many doors that lead to eternal happiness. Don’t miss this Christ-honoring invitation to celebrate your own opportunities. You’ll be amused, amazed, moved and changed, as you embrace this invitation and scholarship into “Brand New U ”.

“HE’s Calling...Pickup!

God is calling us, all of us - to a plan, a purpose and a proposition that He has custom-created for each one of us. 

This presentation is filled with amazing “Aha’s” that will answer what that means for you, and how you can be blessed by it.

“NOWUCIT!” (Now You See It!)

Now you see it, now you don’t.  This presentation is filled with Illusions (optical, theatrical and spiritual).  Master illusionist Greg Davidson reveals the facts and the  truth about Jesus Christ using multi-media mind benders, theatrical illusions, and live music in this eye opening presentation.

“Believe It! ... The Concert of Wonder

This is one of our most requested presentations because it really has it all.  Top-flight magical illusions and pumping music start from the very moment Greg Davidson hits the stage. 

Next up...hilarious comedy, audience interaction and live music.  This concert concludes with the Davidson’s testimony, a beautiful experiential illusion and incredibly memorable illustrations of the Gospel and God’s plan of Salvation.

Invite your community to a one of these extra-special events.

Each presentation is filled with exciting illustrations to the touch the hearts of the churched, un-churched and de-churched alike.

Each one of our super exciting presentations filled with

UpwardTM Awards Celebrations
This presentation was carefully created to exceed your expectations for your awards celebration.  It’s a ton of fun interwoven with magical illustrations, a Gospel message, and a clear invitation to Christ.  God has used this program to change the hearts of thousands of children, adults and entire families.  
Don’t lose sight of this awesome opportunity to move your UpwardTM...Onward.

Life Impacting Questions and Truths

• What’s missing in your life?

• Where in the world is God anyway?

• When do you get what’s coming to you?

  1. How to open new “I”s

Life Impacting Questions and Truths
• What exactly does “The Gospel” mean?
• What is God’s plan for your life…plain and simple?
• What does it mean to be “Saved or Born Again”?
• What can you do about it?

  1. Amazing Illusions

  2. Full-Blast Laughs

  3. Christ-Honoring Gospel Message

  4. Live Music

  5. Multi-Media

Life Impacting Questions and Truths

  1. Can we really communicate with God?

  2. How can God use you?

  3. What is God’s plan for your life…plain and simple?
    • What does it really mean to be “Saved or Born Again”?

Life Impacting Questions and Truths
• Does everyone really make mistakes?
• Upholding the Christian “Brand”
• What do Christians look like, act like, do?
• God’s purchased gift

Imagine, what God could do with that!

Q. “What kind of “concert” is it?

A.  It’s a blend of many exciting ingredients.

Our “instruments” are theatrical illusion, comedy, music, and the Gospel message of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

Life Impacting Questions and Truths

  1. If you see it, can you really believe it?

  2. Can you believe it if you can’t see it?

  3. What’s a trick and what’s the truth?

  4. God’s hand is on your uniqueness

Life Impacting Questions and Truths

  1. How can you get on God’s team?

  2. Can you be sure you’ll go to heaven one day?

  3. God’s word answers if, why, how, when.

  4. God wants you to celebrate every single day!


Your church or facility packed with those who wouldn’t normally attend a “church” event.

Being able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ

with those people at this extra-special event.



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Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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