“Believe It!”... A Celebration of Wonder

A “Believe It!’ Celebration is a multi-presentation, multi-day event that guarantees a maximum possible harvest.

Imagine your church or facility filled with those who will not usually be there and not normally attend a “church” event.

Choose from any of these great presentations and assemble your own event.

For example, you may chose as illustrated below.

Your Celebration line-up would look like this.

Believe Ministries brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with heart-seeking, biblical accuracy

through live, entertainment-based evangelistic Celebrations."

Each presentation within a Celebration can contain a completely different line up of:

...or any other way you choose for your perfect fit!

  1. You Choose:

  2. Together:

  3. We Provide:

  4. We Support:

  5. We Guarantee

  1. Amazing Illusions

  2. Full-Blast Laughs

  3. Christ-Honoring Gospel Message

  4. Live Music

  1. The presentations that are a perfect fit for you.

It’s all included as a part of our plan - to help you with your plan - to fulfill God’s plan.

  1. Your church and community will be changed forever.

  1. We create A Celebration that is perfect for your church and your community.

Your staff and volunteers with personal attention and live training.

  1. A complete, step-by-step planning tool kit.

Every presentation includes a clear presentation of the Gospel and an invitation to Christ.

  1. Bullet

Believe Ministries Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Multiple Presentation “Celebrations”

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