Dean Harrington is a truly gifted renaissance man. 

As a musician, Dean is much at home performing in live venues as he is in the studio, on either side of the mixing console. 

Dean is also a Christian who shares the hope of the Gospel in all avenues of his life, his work and his art.

  1. Musician:  Dean is a masterful and mature guitarist who is as much at home both up front and as a side man. 

  2. Computer Guru: Dean helps people get back to work and away from the stress of computer “issues.”

  3. Sound/Studio Engineer:  Dean has a strong history in the studio as both a guitarist and and engineer. 

  4. Wood artist: Dean designs and creates beautiful pieces of wood art, ranging from casual furniture, to fine fixtures such as church communion tables, podiums and custom home furnishings. Dean even created Greg Davidson’s famous 007 box.  Davidson wanted a beautiful box that could grace the altar of a church and yet contain all the technical (and messy) ingredients needed for each presentation with a few extra (and secret) tricks. Dean made it happen.

Dean Harrington


Believe Ministries Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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