God sure has created a lot of talented people in this world!

It always amazes me when I meet and get to know these individual specialized artists.

God has created all of us with at least one special talent; yes, that does so mean you too! 

I’d like you to meet a few of my favorite friends in the arts.

For years it has been part of my dream and part of the Believe Ministries vision to bring together a collection of Christian artists who share kindred visions for building up the Body of Christ. 

Our hope is not that we benefit or prosper by this, but that the body of Christ does.

Working together - artists becoming greater than the sum of our parts...for Him.

This synergistic vision creates exponential opportunities to bring

the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are lost.

You might look at this now and think, “Well, that’s not much, what can so few do?”

You just wait and see what God can do!

We call this coalition B.M.A.G.I.C. and it stands for “Believe Ministries Artists Group in Christ”

• Creative ministries work together and are made freely accessible to the general public.
• Tools, techniques, models and methods continue to evolve.
• Solutions - potential to meet specific needs, and create perfect “matches”, become greater and greater.
• The vision expands, growth accelerates, and more are able to experience the Gospel.

It is my prayer the work of these artists will assist you in your ministry or inspire you to create one.

Remember, as Christians...that’s our job!

Let’s use everything we can, all we are, and all that we create,

to bring more and more people to the only true living God.

Group Name: Bridget K Designs

Media(s) Fused Glass



Bridget Kelman - Roswell, GA

Group Name: PhelpsImagery

Media(s)  Photography

                 Digital Photography

Mike Phelps - Atlanta, GA

Group Name: SongWood

Media(s) Music (Guitar, Engineering)


                Computer/IT/Networking solutions

Dean Harrington -  Alpharetta, GA

A Word from Greg

Believe Ministries Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Dan Meyer -  Nashville, TN

Group Name: Cutting Edge Inner-tainment

Media(s) Sword Swallowing

                Fire Eating

Group Name: MK Photography

Media(s)  Photography

                 Digital Photography

Ayliś McEuen - Huancayo, Peru

Group Name: Grace Notes
Media(s)  Music (Singer/Soloist)

Penny Fonner - Woodstock, GA

Believe Ministries Artist Group in Christ

Group Name: Tony Sims Music
Media(s)  Music (Singer/Songwriter/Guitar/Piano)

Tony Sims - Atlanta, GA

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